Bill Monroe Gear is Here!

It might go without saying, but I’m a BIG fan of Bill Monroe, who, as far as I’m concerned, is the father of Bluegrass.

I grew up in the North East, where there certainly were Bluegrass lovers like you and me, just not as many as there should have been. So I love to promote this art – I’m a fan of spreading the message of Bluegrass far and wide.

One of the best ways I’ve found to promote, in addition to, is with a Bill Monroe t-shirt. I found a bunch of fun ones, from “PICK IT’s THE AMERICAN THING TO DO” to “PICKIN’ and SINGIN’ BILL MONROE STYLE”.

Nothing tells the world your Grass is Blue like a t-shirt, front and center.

You can check out the shirts here:

There’s also a lot of other Bluegrass merchandise, from clocks and baby wear to mugs and hats. And when you buy a shirt, or anything else, a small portion of the proceeds go to help continue to build BeanBlossom dot Com, your Bluegrass community on the web.

Click here to check out the Bill Monroe Bluegrass Gear. Or go to:

It’s fun to look at!

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