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Artist Profile: Scott Vestal
Artist Profile: Scott Vestal

Artist Profile: Scott Vestal

Today, we’re going to feature another Bluegrass artist on the rise, and it’s none other than Scott Vestal, banjo player, designer, and composer extraordinaire.

Early Years

Like many Bluegrass greats, Scott Vestal was born in the country – Duncan, Oklahoma to be specific – on May 8, 1962. And also like many Bluegrass legends, his family was his first and primary source of musical influence. Famon Self, his grandfather, had played the fiddle and was responsible for introducing the young Vestal to guitar playing.

In time, he and Curtis, Vestal’s older brother, accompanied their grandfather in various country events which ranged from the town’s most anticipated parades to secluded nursing homes to famous Bluegrass festivals. READ MORE »

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Who is Ira Louvin to Bluegrass Fans?

February 12, 2011 bluegrass artists
Who is Ira Louvin to Bluegrass Fans?

Ira Louvin was far from perfect, but it’s probably his imperfection that made him such a legendary act. For Bluegrass fans, he was one of the best mandolin players in history, an elite songwriter and Country Music singer.  In addition, he was ½ half of the reason behind the Louvin Brothers’ success – the other […]

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The Best Bluegrass Artists Today

October 1, 2010 bluegrass artists

If you’re wondering which bluegrass artists are heating up the stages these days then here’s a couple of solo acts and bands that you must absolutely watch out for. J.D. Crowe & the New South While Crowe’s name and his band’s may not be as commonly heard of as those of Bill Monroe, Earl Scruggs, […]

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Who’s Your Favorite Bluegrass Music Artist?

September 17, 2010 bluegrass artists

Bill Monroe is everyone’s most loved bluegrass music artist but besides him, the opinions of both old-time and neophyte fans of bluegrass are much more divided when it comes to other artists. If you haven’t made your choice yet, here are a couple of bluegrass artists that deserve a spot in your favorite list. Ralph […]

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Bill Monroe Gospel A Hymn to His Greatness

September 3, 2010 bluegrass artists

Bill Monroe is best known for the golden age of his career, starting from the mid-1940’s, with the creation of the Original Bluegrass Band all the way till the 1950’s. But few people are aware of his struggles in the latter stage of his career. Despite all such obstacles, however, Monroe re-emerged in the 1960’s […]

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