Top Bluegrass Music Artists Today

Top Bluegrass Music Artists Today

Top Bluegrass Music Artists Today

Can’t make up which bluegrass CD to purchase? Then take a look at today’s bestselling bluegrass music artists and perhaps you’ll get an idea or two of which artist is deserving of your patronage.

Bill Monroe

Considering the fact that he’s indisputably recognized as the grandfather or founder of bluegrass music, Bill Monroe always make it to the top of people’s favorite bluegrass music artists. He is best known for his skills on playing the mandolin as well as for establishing the Bluegrass Boys. His band is credited for establishing the primary lineup for bluegrass music: mandolin, bass, banjo, fiddle, and the acoustic guitar.

Del McCoury Band

This band also came to the scene at the same time Bill Monroe, together with the Blue Grass Boys, had risen to fame. It is also their collaboration with alternative country performer Steve Earl that’s credited for reviving the bluegrass scene in the 1990’s. You can catch live performances of the Del McCoury band in any of the year’s hottest bluegrass festivals.

Dolly Parton

Only people living under a rock for the past few decades won’t recognize the name “Dolly Parton”, an artist whose big blond hair and petite and curvy frame are as famous as her throaty voice. Although she is best known as a country musician and for her collaborations with the likes of Kenny Rogers, Parton’s musical career has its roots in traditional bluegrass. Parton had started producing bluegrass music as early as the 1970’s. She is also known for composing several of her own works.

This year, her hometown in Tennessee has also dedicated its bluegrass festival to this awesome chanteuse with its annual singing competition.

The Dillards

Check out the lineup of any of today’s major bluegrass festivals and you’re sure to find The Dillards topbilling their lists. During the 1960’s, The Dillards had been one of the first bands to introduce the use of electric musical instruments into bluegrass songs. It is also their appearances on The Andy Griffith Show between 1963 to 1966 that launched them to stardom although then they had still been known as The Darlings.

Today, The Dillards is considered one of the best bluegrass bands that had successfully merged classical bluegrass with country rock.

Earl Scruggs

Scruggs is almost as legendary as his mentor, Bill Monroe, in the bluegrass scene and was in fact once a part of Bill Monroe’s bands. After a while, though, Scruggs left and formed his own band with Lester Flatt and they were collectively known then as the Foggy Mountain Boys.

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Lightning February 17, 2011 at 9:55 am

My favorite Bluegrass artists ARE Sam Bush, Bela Fleck & David Grisman. They take traditional bluegrassc to a newer level that uses the best of several different genres of music but still follows the roots of Bluegrass.

Flatpicker February 19, 2011 at 3:13 pm

Good choices!

What are some other reader favorites? Please join the discussion…share your thoughts.

Don April 2, 2011 at 7:53 am

Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys are one of my favorites. Ralph has few peers on the banjo.

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