Top Bluegrass Performers You Don’t Want to Miss

Top Bluegrass Performers You Dont Want to Miss

Top Bluegrass Performers You Don’t Want to Miss

If you’ve just recently discovered the wonders of bluegrass music then here’s a list of bluegrass performers who have defined and redefined this genre in the best way possible.

Alison Krauss

Here’s one name that’s famous without being necessarily linked to bluegrass itself. Even so, there’s no denying that Krauss and her band, Union Station, are one of the best bluegrass bands there is and festivals tend to be jam-packed whenever their name’s on the list. Her band is made up of members Dan Tyminski, Barry Bales, Jerry Douglas, and Ron Block.

Bill Monroe

If rock n roll had Elvis Presley then bluegrass had their royalty in the person of Bill Monroe, a native of Kentucky and whose band, the Bluegrass Boys, led to the use of the same name for the genre. Bill Monroe might not have created bluegrass, but he pretty much defined it. Virtually all the best and legendary artists of bluegrass had been part of his band one time or another. Some of his most popular songs include “Uncle Pen”, a song he composed in dedication to his uncle, Pendleton Viver, who was responsible for inspiring him in his musical career.

Earl Scrugg & Friends

Another legend and also a one-time member of Monroe’s Bluegrass Boys, Scrugg is arguably the most famous banjo player in the world of bluegrass and maybe in the entire music industry as well. He also helped popularize a three-finger combination for playing the banjo, which later came to be known as ‘Scrugg’s style’.

Ralph Stanley

Ralph Stanley initially started out as part of a duo act with his brother but later formed his own band, Clinch Mountain Country. He is widely considered to be the second most important figure in the world of bluegrass and continues to perform till today. Stanley also has his own bluegrass festival, which takes place annually in his own park at Virginia.

Rhonda Vincent

Certainly, Alison Krauss is not the only female who’s able to make waves in the male-dominated world of bluegrass. There’s also Rhonda Vincent, a lovely blonde with a lovelier voice. She currently sings with her band, The Rage, and is quite active in the festival circuit. Like everyone in this list, Vincent has received multiple awards from the IBMA.

Jimmy Martin

His recent album was entitled “King of Bluegrass” and it’s a label that he well deserves, especially with the throne left vacant upon Monroe’s loss.

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Steve Edwards August 21, 2010 at 11:13 am

I can’t believe that Ricky Skaggs was left off this list!!!!

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