Should You Get Mandolin Lessons Online? Here’s What You Should Consider…

Although there are a number of well-known artists and music schools that offer mandolin lessons online, the majority of them also charge expensive rates. Thankfully, they’re not your only choices. It’s perfectly fine to take mandolin lessons online from freelance musicians as long as they have the skills and experience to teach you effectively.

When choosing which website or online teacher you should take lessons from, consider the factors below.

What kind of lessons are they offering?

Make sure that the lessons they’re teaching are suitable for your current learning level. Ask for a copy of their lesson plan or curriculum so you’ll know exactly what you’re going to learn. Determine as well if their lessons focus on a particular sub-genre like Progressive Bluegrass or Bluegrass Gospel.

How long will they take?

First, how long would each lessons last? One-hour lessons are ideal although something longer would work fine. Thirty-minute lessons are generally too short, however, and they could hinder you from learning effectively.

Second, ask how many lessons are there are in all. Ten to thirty sessions are normal but anything fewer than that would almost seem like you’re taking a crash course, and that’s not what you should be paying for.

Should You Get Mandolin Lessons Online? Heres What You Should Consider...

Should You Get Mandolin Lessons Online? Here's What You Should Consider...

What are the available schedules?

Another essential thing you should consider is the schedule. How many times per week would you have lessons? Would they occur in the morning, afternoon, or evening? You’ll have to make sure that your lessons won’t conflict with your work schedule or other classes.

What is the setup?

Mandolin lessons online use a variety of setups, but generally speaking you’ll need to have a web camera and sound system installed on your computer and likewise for your would-be professor. That way, both of you would be able to see and hear each other play.

What other terms and conditions are there?

What would happen, for instance, if your professor “comes” late to class? What happens if you need to reschedule a lesson? Always read the “fine print” in contracts before signing anything – and this includes lessons. And if your future teacher doesn’t offer you one then he’s not the right person to teach you in the first place!

Well, that’s it…once you learn the Mandolin, be sure to send us a picture of you playing so we can post it on BeanBlossom dot com!

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