What You Must Know About Your Acoustic Guitar Strings

You’ve probably gotten a lot of tips and advice as well as found comprehensive information online about acoustic guitars and how to know which one is best for your needs. But do you know what factors to consider when it’s time to shop for its strings?

What to Consider with Your Acoustic Guitar Strings

Guitar strings are basically like the strings you use on a tennis racquet. How hard you hit and what kind of impact you’d have on a ball would depend on the type and tensile strength of the string you’re using with your racket. It’s the same with guitar strings; if you want optimal performance every time you use your guitar then you need to periodically replace your guitar strings.

There are several factors to consider when replacing guitar strings.

Wear and Tear – A rule of the thumb for replacing guitar strings is to replace them when you’ve used them for about fifteen to thirty hours of play. You may have to replace them earlier if you’re sure you’ve used them pretty hard.

Maintenance – How often do you clean your guitar? Have you paid particular attention to cleaning and maintaining your guitar strings? It may seem like they don’t get dirty but they do, and the dirt and oil that clings to them come directly from your hands.

What You Must Know About Your Acoustic Guitar Strings

What You Must Know About Your Acoustic Guitar Strings

Every time your palms get sweaty and you don’t wipe the sweat away before using your guitar, the lifespan of your guitar strings shorten. Every time you miss a day and forget to clean your strings, the lifespan of your guitar strings is further shortened.

Playing Style – There are many types of guitar strings available on the market. They’re made of different materials, strengths, and lengths among other things. You need to find out for yourself which exact type of guitar string suits your playing style.

Music – Lastly, consider what kind of music you’d like to produce. You may occasionally have to change your guitar strings to produce a particular type of sound.

Guitar Age – Like strings, acoustic guitars also age and are vulnerable to wear and tear. New guitars will be able to accommodate a wide variety of strings while older guitars can only work with a select range of strings.

Who knew there were so many factors in the choice of acoustic guitar strings????

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August Busch February 17, 2011 at 8:51 am

You can also extend string life by keeping your guitar properly tuned. When strings are kept in tune, they soon will stay there more easily. Chet Atkins once said that guitar strings have a memory like an old cat. They keep wanting to go back to where they belong. So if you keep guitar strings in tune, after a while they’ll stay there.

Flatpicker February 19, 2011 at 3:14 pm

I like th cat analogy!

garyy May 12, 2012 at 1:33 pm

this was entitled -cleaning guitar strings-don’t see it-I don’t have guitar polish at home-what can i use to clean my strings?

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