What Do You Get by Subscribing to the Banjo Newsletter?

Hub and Nancy Nitchie began Banjo Newsletter (BNL) in 1973. The 48-page monthly magazine focuses on the 5-string banjo and all other related aspects to it. At present, BNL employs more than twenty expert columnists to provide all the tips and insider’s news aspiring, amateur, and professional banjoists would find incredibly helpful for their hobby or career. Today, the monthly magazine has over 6,500 subscribers from the United States and other parts of the world.

If you’re serious about perfecting your banjo-playing skills then you might want to subscribe to the Banjo Newsletter (BNL), one of the most popular magazines for banjoists.

What Do You Get for Joining?

Here are a number of benefits you can enjoy once you subscribe to BNL:

You get to save money.

Once you subscribe, you get as much as 28% off of BNL’s cover price. And if you sign up for a two-year subscription, you could enjoy additional discounts.

What Do You Get by Subscribing to the Banjo Newsletter?

What Do You Get by Subscribing to the Banjo Newsletter?

Be the first to know about upcoming concerts.

Whether you’re interested in banjo-featured gigs or other Bluegrass events, you’ll be the first to know all the pertinent details about the most anticipated concerts and shows. If you’re hankering for limited slots offered in the year’s hottest music festivals and workshops or coveted Country Thunder tickets and the like, you can be sure you’ll be the first to get to know about them with a BNL subscription.

Enjoy exclusive lessons featured in BNL.

Although the official website of the Banjo Newsletter does share resources for banjoists, it doesn’t contain all the information found within the pages of BNL’s printed edition. With a BNL subscription, you will receive some of the latest and most important tips that can help you play.

Alternatives to the Banjo Newsletter

If you can’t afford a subscription at the moment then you have several (slightly different) alternatives to choose from. You can check out the International Jazz Banjo Newsletter for starters. You can also have Google alert you to the latest news or articles about banjo tips and lessons the moment they hit the Internet.

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