How to Best Enjoy Bluegrass Events

How to Best Enjoy Bluegrass Events

How to Best Enjoy Bluegrass Events

You don’t have to miss all the fun and excitement of bluegrass events just because you’re a newbie. Simply follow the tips below and you’ll be better than fine.

Update your knowledge about bluegrass music.

Sure, you enjoy bluegrass music but it would be even more enjoyable if you actually know the lyrics to the song. More brownie points if you update your knowledge about artist profiles – it might require a bit of online research, but it will definitely make you appreciate their music more and give you something to talk about with your newfound friends.

Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers.

Bluegrass events aren;t just about the music. Actually, it never was. Bluegrass events are also about establishing connections and friendships with people who love the same things you do. So this time around, shed your typical shyness and awaken your deeply buried friendliness. Bluegrass festivals are always more fun to enjoy with company. The more, the merrier really!

Brush up your instrumental skills.

If you don’t have one then it’s not too late to find an instrument you’d like to pray. Yes, you don’t have any desire to be the next Bill Monroe or Earl Scruggs, but you’ll still enjoy bluegrass festivals better if you know how to play an instrument. Take your pick at a mandolin, fiddle, banjo, or upright bass. But if you want to be unique then how about an accordion or a harmonica?

Festivals almost always offer workshops for all levels. These are open to all festival attendees and usually for free. Imagine how cool it would be if you learn how to play your favorite bluegrass songs? Who knows, you might even form a band of your own!

Speaking of band formations, you should also consider participating in band scrambles. This is probably one of the most exciting events in bluegrass festivals as it involves randomly formed bands and pitting them in a spontaneous competition. Well, okay, not that spontaneous – you’ll probably be given a bit of time to practice and choose your performance piece and then it’s all up to the audience and judges to choose the best band for the night.

Come night, the fun doesn’t stop so don’t pack up your instrument just yet. Join the others and have fun in impromptu jamming sessions. Once in a while, bluegrass artists have been to known to participate. Wouldn’t that be great?

Schedule your next trip.

Friendships established in bluegrass events tend to last long because you can always schedule to meet up at the next festival!

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theresa January 17, 2011 at 9:15 am

I Love that sound of bluegrass!! I was at beanblossom when ralph stanley and son was there! it was awesome!! even got to shake his hand!!-i asked him first- yeh that was one thing i have wanted to do forever,so now i can mark it off my bucket list!!

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