Where to Buy Bluegrass Music

Where to Buy Bluegrass Music

Where to Buy Bluegrass Music

If you want to buy bluegrass music to enrich your knowledge prior to attending a bluegrass festival, there are several ways to go about it.

Record Outlets

Most record outlets do carry a healthy selection of bluegrass music although if you’re unlucky enough to have a too-young attendant tasked to help you out, you might have to look for the records yourself. It would greatly help, however, if you can provide specific names of artists that you’re interested in. This would make the search a lot easier for both of you.

If you’re hoping to buy classic bluegrass music, consider all-time favorite albums from Bill Monroe, the Stanley Brothers, and the Del McCoury band.


Yes, even Apple has a nice selection of bluegrass music for you to choose from. Bluegrass music is filed under country music. From there, you can choose from old and new artists alike. They’ve got everything covered from Dolly Parton to Johnny Cash to Alison Krauss and the Dixie Chicks.

You can also narrow your search by choosing a sub-genre. These include but aren’t limited to categories such as Honky Tonk, Country Gospel, Contemporary Bluegrass, and Urban Cowboy.


If you’d prefer to buy bluegrass music per song rather than per album then head over to websites such as Amazon, which offers a comprehensive and affordable selection of digital singles. Again, you’ll have an easier time with your search if you have a specific song title or artist to use.

News and Updates on Bluegrass Music

If you don’t know what to buy then you need to update yourself with the latest and hottest in the bluegrass scene.

Listen to samples.

Check out music pages of Yahoo and Amazon. They often offer short clips of songs to give you a taste of what to expect. It’s going to take a bit of time, but at least you can be sure you’ll like whichever bluegrass single or album you end up buying.

Subscribe to podcasts.

A lot of websites and blogs offer podcasts that are free to download and which feature updates and news about popular bluegrass acts.

Attend bluegrass festivals and other similar events.

Check out the Internet for a list of upcoming bluegrass music festivals for this month. Visit the official website of the festival. If it has one, you’re likely to find a lineup of performances listed as well – they’re sure to be some of the best in today’s bluegrass scene.

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do you have a catalog that you send to people to order out of if so please send me one my address is 116 north water st apt 11 milan mo 63556 from billy wyant

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