How to Write Bluegrass Gospel Song Lyrics

How to Write Bluegrass Gospel Song Lyrics

How to Write Bluegrass Gospel Song Lyrics

If you have the melody of your new composition down to pat and the only thing missing are bluegrass gospel song lyrics, here are a few tips to help you get writing.

Look for inspiration.

You probably did the same thing when you first tried to compose the melody of your work. It’s sure to work as well now that it’s the lyrics you’re working on. Listen to other bluegrass gospel songs or any other inspirational song for that matter.

Also, check other inspirational works like books, movies, columns, programs, and podcasts. Explore what’s there for you to explore because this will give you an idea of what the most common themes are for bluegrass gospel songs and what niches are yet unexplored but have promising potential.

Write the lyrics without minding the melody.

Think of this as the first draft of your song’s lyrics. Just write straight from the heart. Don’t mind the melody for the moment. If the lines end up rhymed then that’s good, but if it doesn’t that’s okay as well. Right now, you have to focus on simply creating a draft and establishing the main theme of your song.


Now is the time to cut and replace. Listen to the melody and see if the lyrics fit the melody not just in terms of length but the mood and rhythm as well. A fast tempo, for instance, will rarely have space for, say, five-syllable words that are quite difficult to pronounce…unless this is rap and not bluegrass gospel.

Make use of the dictionary and thesaurus.

These two should serve as your greatest pals when writing and revising bluegrass gospel song lyrics. Don’t shy away from the words you don’t know. Take the time to find out what they mean and how they’re used. They could be that magic word or phrase which could serve as the catchiest line of your song.

Explore synonyms of clichéd terms and the most used words as well. It can help differentiate your song from others.

Consult the Bible and other religious references.

It wouldn’t hurt to read the Bible and other religious text references. It’s the biggest source of inspiration of all and you could also find specific passages that could be used as lyrics or a theme for your song.

The lyrics, for instance, of an old gospel song, The Prodigal Song, are based on the parable.

Read even if you’re searching for nothing in particular. Things will fall into place eventually.

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