Tips for Obtaining and Using Camping Maps

Tips for Obtaining and Using Camping Maps

Tips for Obtaining and Using Camping Maps

If you plan on attending a multi-day festival and you intend to stay from start to finish then camping maps are your best friends for your exciting journey ahead.

Where to Obtain Camping Maps

Camping maps are very useful when you’re attending a bluegrass festival. They let you know where the best camping spots are and they also allow you to plan your days ahead of time so that you can explore the scenic natural areas that the park has to offer without missing any of the important events of the festival.


Most parks have official websites and from there, you’ll be able to download the most updated version of their camping maps for free. If the festival is taking place at a state park or any government-owned area, check out the state’s website and you might find essential links to download camping maps.

Local Bookstores and Tourism Department

If the Internet can’t yield the camping maps you’re looking for then you can check out bookstores once you’ve hit town. These might also offer additional resources such as city or town guides that can help you enjoy a day tour on your way to or after the festival. If the local bookstores don’t have the maps then your last stop is the tourism department. Even if they don’t have the maps you need, they’re sure to have something better – expert guides to help you find your way around.

Event Organizers

Contact the festival’s organizers. They may have prepared a special camping map to help visitors find the best camping spots in the park.

What You Need to Scout with Camping Maps

Now that you’ve got the necessary maps in your hands, here are a few suggestions how to make use of it.

Determine which areas in the campsite require reservations and which areas are offered at a first-come, first-served basis. The reserved slots usually offer better facilities, but what if they’re located a good distance away from the festival grounds? Knowing where these areas are will help you understand your options better.

Finally, find out what the campgrounds have to offer. If the festival doesn’t have a 24/7 program scheduled then there will certainly be instances that you’d have free time on your hands. Use your map so you can plan your day in advance and avoid any waste of time. Maybe there are biking, hiking, or horseback riding trails offered. What about swimming, canoeing, and kayaking? How about picnics?

With these, you and your loved ones are sure to enjoy an activity-packed festival experience!

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