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Bill Monroe Father of Bluegrass – A Biography

August 22, 2010 bill monroe

Bill Monroe Father of Bluegrass richly deserves the title that the public had bestowed upon him for his love for bluegrass music and the contributions he had made remain unrivaled. Music Bill Monroe started out with purely instrumental music but eventually expanded to producing works with lyrics. Besides mainstream bluegrass tunes, Monroe also composed gospel […]

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The Music of Bill Monroe

August 20, 2010 bill monroe

Words like dynamic and evolving best describe the music of Bill Monroe. Adjectives such as impressive and powerful are also suitable since watching his live performance is an experience like no other. Learning the life story of Monroe as well as the development of his music is virtually akin to tracing the history of bluegrass […]

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Who is Bill Monroe in Bluegrass Music History?

April 26, 2010 bill monroe

For most bluegrass music lovers, Bill Monroe is the undisputed father or pioneer of the genre. Even the genre’s name owes itself to Monroe’s band, the Blue Grass Boys, and the fact that Monroe also hailed from Bluegrass, Kentucky. His career as a musician had spanned six decades.

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A Biography of Bill Monroe

April 23, 2010 bill monroe

As a fusion of mountain and country music, bluegrass had been around much longer before being given its name. But it was Bill Monroe which had almost singlehandedly defined the now key aspects of bluegrass music such as the inclusion of mandolin, the solos that displayed band members’ instrumental virtuosity, and the “high lonesome” sound that he was most famous for. It is for all these reasons that he completely deserves the title Father of Bluegrass.

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A Brief Bill Monroe Biography

February 25, 2010 bill monroe

On September 13, 1911, a legend among the citizens of Rosine, Kentucky was born. His name was Bill Monroe, the youngest of the eight Monroe siblings, and he would later grow up to be the Father of Bluegrass Music. Early Influences Although his mother, Malissa Vandiver Monroe, was a great music lover herself, Monroe learned […]

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