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Bluegrass Music, Roots and Instruments

January 27, 2011 bluegrass music

The Carter Family is the roots of much American music, including Bluegrass. While they used an autoharp as part of their music, the autoharp has not been crucial to the expansion of Bluegrass music.

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Flatpicking Guitar and Bluegrass Music

January 21, 2011 bluegrass music

The guitar is the least appreciated of the Bluegrass  instruments. For the most part, Bluegrass music will open with a banjo fiddle or mandolin lick.   In the early days of go to Bluegrass music, the guitar was merely a rhythm instrument. Recently, more guitarists are featured soloists, and are highly accomplished flatpickers. At modern […]

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Bluegrass and the Fiddle: A History

December 31, 2010 bluegrass music

The history of bluegrass music and fiddle, which is one of its essential components, is a story of evolution. The two are strongly linked to one another that it’s practically impossible to discuss one without the other. The Development of Bluegrass Music Old mountain music, specifically those that originated from the Appalachian region, is one […]

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Dos and Don’ts for Writing Bluegrass Gospel Lyrics

December 28, 2010 bluegrass music

There is truly one golden rule when writing bluegrass gospel lyrics, and that’s to share God’s message to you through your song. But if you want to be more technical then here are a couple of dos and don’ts to keep in mind. Do mind your language. That means ensuring your songs are strictly for […]

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The Best in Bluegrass Gospel Music

December 24, 2010 bluegrass music

If you’re looking for the best in bluegrass gospel music, check out the compilations listed below. These are works that are great to listen to anywhere anytime, guaranteed to uplift your spirits and make you feel closer to God. Heaven Bound: Best of Bluegrass Gospel This single-CD collection was released last August 2003 by Time […]

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