How to Write Bluegrass Gospel Song Lyrics

December 21, 2010 bluegrass music

If you have the melody of your new composition down to pat and the only thing missing are bluegrass gospel song lyrics, here are a few tips to help you get writing. Look for inspiration. You probably did the same thing when you first tried to compose the melody of your work. It’s sure to […]

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Mandolins in the Bluegrass Family

November 30, 2010 bluegrass music

The rather small, eight stringed mandolin with its fairly  poor stage projection seems an unlikely source of  modern Bluegrass music. Yet this magical instrument has become one of the best markers of Bluegrass. While Bluegrass is largely an American form of music, it is also derived from Irish and Scottish music.  In the early portion […]

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The “Mysterious” Mandolin

November 17, 2010 bluegrass columnist

Bluegrass is a celebration of challenging vocals and a wide variety of instruments. Perhaps the most important of those instruments is the mandolin. Few bluegrass musicians, and probably even fewer non professional players would tell you that Bill Monroe was not their inspiration to give the instrument a try. To some people, the small, eight-stringed […]

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How to Best Enjoy Bluegrass Events

October 23, 2010 bluegrass music

You don’t have to miss all the fun and excitement of bluegrass events just because you’re a newbie. Simply follow the tips below and you’ll be better than fine. Update your knowledge about bluegrass music. Sure, you enjoy bluegrass music but it would be even more enjoyable if you actually know the lyrics to the […]

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The Ultimate Bluegrass Music Festival List

October 15, 2010 bluegrass music

The bluegrass music festival scene is like no other and the best way to appreciate it is to experience it. Here is a list of must-attend bluegrass music festivals that could give you the musical and festival experience of a lifetime. Bill Monroe’s Bean Blossom Festival Bean Blossom Park was established to commemorate Bill Monroe’s […]

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