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Dr. Ralph Stanley has always maintained that his music was “just mountain music.”  A few weeks ago, I posted a video of me playing Wildwood Flower on Facebook;  it has followed me through my childhood and is a joy to play.  But what was most interesting was when one of my friends from outside the United States asked if “this is Country Music?”  It stopped me cold.  Then, I linked her up with a bunch of artists showing the difference between what I was playing, and what the Nashville hierarchy determines country music to be. READ MORE »


The Original Bluegrass Band: Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys

September 6, 2010 bill monroe

1945 marked a new era for Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass boys an era that was characterized by fame and success and marked a significant turning point in the genre of bluegrass music itself. It was in this year that the Original Bluegrass Band was born into life. Earl Scruggs His real name is Eugene […]

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What Really is a Bluegrass Band?

April 23, 2010 bluegrass music

A bluegrass band is unlike most bands you see performing because of the various instruments being played. If you’re interested in forming one, here are several types of musicians you’d need to look for.

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