keystone bluegrass festival

What’s up with the Keystone Bluegrass Festival

When the weekend’s coming close, I always start wondering about what I can do for fun and from there I often end up thinking about music festivals. After all, no self-respecting Bluegrass fan can call himself one without experiencing a music festival first hand, right?

And so that brings us to today’s post on the Keystone Bluegrass Festival. Granted, it’s not the oldest or biggest of all Bluegrass festivals, but it’s still one of the most highly anticipated annual events on the Bluegrass calendar. If it’s your first time attending a music festival and you’re thinking of taking the whole family with you, then the Keystone Bluegrass Festival at Colorado is a good choice.

Besides great Bluegrass acts performing live on three stages and incredibly sumptuous home-styled cooking, there are also several other activities that set this festival apart from others.

Frothy Fun

Well, sure, water attractions nearby are fun, but we’re talking about the kind of froth that you’d rather taste. Every year, the finest of Colorado’s microbreweries gather up at the Keystone Resort to introduce their newest and most delicious blends of barley and hops to locals, tourists, and festival attendees.


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