Bill Monroe and the Mandolin

Bill Monroe and the Mandolin

A popular joke in Bluegrass circles is that a Bluegrass picker dies and goes to Heaven.  When he arrives, he sees the best of the best Bluegrass players surrounding him.  But on a hill, above all the rest, is a large man in a white cowboy hat and a dark suit.  He’s picking a mandolin.  The picker turns to one of the players around him, and asks, “Is that Bill Monroe?”  The responders says, “Nah, that’s God, just pretending to be Bill Monroe.” READ MORE »


The “Mysterious” Mandolin

November 17, 2010 bluegrass columnist

Bluegrass is a celebration of challenging vocals and a wide variety of instruments. Perhaps the most important of those instruments is the mandolin. Few bluegrass musicians, and probably even fewer non professional players would tell you that Bill Monroe was not their inspiration to give the instrument a try. To some people, the small, eight-stringed […]

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